Toddlers and Kids on a Mission is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that operates in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.  It was created in 2014 by two moms with the not-that-simple goal of engaging in community service hand in hand with their toddlers and kids. What started with two families has now grown to over one hundred families that regularly engage with amazing Milwaukee agencies every month. 


Our mission is to empower children of all ages to work with their caregivers to build relationships and strengthen the Milwaukee community through partnerships and service experiences in an inclusive environment.


Our vision is to instill the belief in our children that they are responsible for and capable of being dynamic and change-making citizens within their community.


Toddlers and Kids on a Mission strives to provide an environment where all children and families feel safe and affirmed, valued and reflected. We are unaffiliated with any faith traditions or other organizations. We partner with diverse, established, and effective organizations within Milwaukee that, like us, recognize the capability of children to make change, serve others, and build relationships.

How It Works

  • Registration and new events will be advertised via social media, our newsletter, and website. Almost all new events start registration the first of the month.
  • No membership necessary. Every event is FREE with occasional donations requested but not required.
  • Event registration is through our website
  • After registration, we will email you to confirm and provide talking points for you and your child to prepare for the event

We ask that you read through our event description carefully to make sure the project is a good fit for your family. For every project, we make sure that you have the Project Manager's contact information in case you have any questions or a change of plans.

On the day of the event, as you arrive, please look for families wearing orange! Our events start promptly with an introduction by the facility partner or by our project manager. By design, our events are fast paced in order to fit the attention spans of our young volunteers. After the event, the project manager will send you an email to recap the event and ask for you to fill out a short survey rating your experience.