Should We Use Shower Gel for Babies

With the desire to bring the best to the baby, the mother always tries to fulfill all aspects of daily care for the baby. What a lot of mothers wonder about is whether to use shower gel or folk herbs in the first bath of their baby’s life.

This is a difficult question that is not difficult, easy, but not easy to answer, as there are so many different types of shower gel on the market today, it is not easy to find the right shower gel.

As for children’s bath leaves, the selection of leaves without dirt, pesticides, … is even more difficult, when the current environment is seriously polluted.

Experts share

According to experts in obstetrics, gynecology and pediatrics, babies have a very fragile and sensitive skin, so usually in the first month of life, you should not bathe your baby with shower gel, because the baby’s skin has a coating. External protection from while still in the womb.

After that, mothers can bathe babies with shower gel, but need to pay special attention, choose gentle baths that do not contain irritating chemicals to avoid abrasion and damage the child’s weak skin.

According to dermatologists, there are 2 ingredients in shower gel: lactic acid and lactoserum help protect young skin from some skin diseases such as: ringworm , rash , pimples ,….

In lactoserum contains many vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and minerals that are beneficial for the child’s skin. Lactic acid is readily available in baby sweat. Only use shower lotions containing these two ingredients so as not to cause allergies to your child’s delicate skin.

Should We Use Shower Gel for Babies

Is it safe to use baby shower gel?

In the past, grandparents often advised mothers with young children to use cool or pasteurized leaf juices to boil bath water for babies and children in general. But in this era, when the use of plant protection chemicals was rampant, the use of the invisible bath water was no longer a safe option. Many children or parents have become victims of leaf fluids and are hospitalized because of severe skin injuries.

But many parents are also not reassured when choosing shower gel for children because they believe that the nature of the shower gel is chemical and whether these products are really good?

To answer that question, this article  sought the opinion of medical experts in newborn care. Accordingly, the reputable and quality guaranteed shower gel products are completely useful for use by babies. According to obstetricians, when the baby is born, it is possible to bathe with shower gel because there is a layer of substance left in the baby’s skin that causes bathing with oils to help cleanse the skin.

Features of baby shower gel

As we all know, baby skin is delicate and delicate. Bath milk for babies, therefore, must be gentle, gentle, and have antiseptic properties to prevent skin inflammation, not irritate the skin and must be moisturizing because young skin is easily dehydrated. , be dry.

In the gel for babies currently often have two important ingredients may help prevent various types of skin diseases such as heat rash, rash interstitial, diaper dermatitis, pimples … as lactic acid and lactoserum. Lactoserum is extracted from milk, contains many vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and minerals. Lactic acid is the natural secretion of skin sweat.

Which shower gel should be used for babies?

The usage of baby soaps or shower gel products is simply to apply it directly to the baby’s body, use a bath foam to create foam or mix it with water. Some types have their own requirements, so you need to follow the instructions for use to be effective. In general, quality baby care products now can be assured, however, each product has its own characteristics:

Johnson’s shower gel is suitable for all skin types, and has a variety of strains.

Buchen’s German shower gel has a fruity fragrance that is loved by babies. Especially, this company also has sunscreen for children, so any mother giving her baby to the beach should buy it to apply for the baby.

Pegion’s shower gel is quite fragrant, but it is more suitable for dry skin because there are many moisturizing creams in the product.

Lactacyd shower gel is suitable for babies who have a lot of rashes and itchy rashes.

Before using these products, you should try first to see if they are suitable for your baby’s skin to anticipate your child’s irritation to the product you choose.

Should We Use Shower Gel for Babies

Notes when choosing shower gel

 Check the brand name, manufacturer to make sure it is a reputable brand and certified for safety and for baby’s skin.

Do not choose products according to feelings: beautiful design, attractive aroma, lots of foam, many attractive promotions or advertisements because it is just a PR trick to attract customers.

Check ingredients to always make sure the product does not contain any suspicious substances for the skin or the health of the child.

Absolutely do not use shampoo, shower gel of adults for babies because the skin of adults and children is very different.

For the first time using, just try a small amount to check the safety on the baby’s skin to see if the baby is itchy due to irritation or not.

When buying goods, be careful to check the expiry date and integrity of the packaging to avoid buying poor quality goods.