When the mother has not finished preparing the main meal, she often gives her baby some kind of snacks when she is hungry. However, there are some items that cannot become baby food when hungry. Mom should pay attention because they adversely affect the health of the baby.


Sweets cannot be food for babies when they are hungry, especially candy. Sweets are one of the favorite snacks for most babies. When babies are hungry and have a few candies available, they can hardly control it. But eating sweets before a special meal while a baby’s tummy is still empty will make your baby feel at ease. At this time, the baby will not want to eat main meals and make the body unable to absorb nutritious foods.

Foods Your Baby Should Not Eat When Hungry

In addition, babies often eat candy before meals will make them lose their appetite and grow up slowly. Because candy contains high sugar content, eating a lot of times when hungry will cause a sudden increase in blood sugar, which is not good for health.


Milk provides many nutrients that are good for your baby’s development. However, drinking milk on an empty stomach will provide the body with more heat than nutrients. The best way to drink milk when you are hungry is that you should combine milk and feed your baby with snacks such as bread or foods containing starch …

Foods Your Baby Should Not Eat When Hungry

When on an empty stomach, gastric juice secretes a lot, the gastric juice meets casein in the milk will precipitate, causing digestive disorders.

Pickled persimmons

In autumn, pickled persimmon is also one of the fruits that many children love. However, pickled persimmons are high in tannic acid and pectin, which react with acid in the stomach and in some extreme cases lead to kidney stones. So soaked persimmon can not be on the list of baby food when hungry.

Foods Your Baby Should Not Eat When Hungry


Tomatoes are also very good fruits, but tomatoes contain a lot of acids, which can react with stomach fluids and cause kidney stones. So when the baby is hungry, mothers should not give the baby foods containing a lot of tomatoes because it can harm the baby’s stomach.

Foods Your Baby Should Not Eat When Hungry


Bananas are a very healthy fruit, extremely nutritious, but should not be given to babies on an empty stomach because the high magnesium content in them can disturb the magnesium-calcium balance in the body, harming the cardiovascular system.

No one can deny the importance of bananas to the body, but eating bananas on an empty stomach is extremely unhealthy

Foods Your Baby Should Not Eat When Hungry


Pineapple is also a favorite fruit for many children. But inside pineapple contains many powerful enzymes, eating pineapple on an empty stomach will damage the stomach, make the body uncomfortable, and reduce the nutritional content in pineapple. Therefore, it is best to let your baby eat this fruit after a meal to absorb it well.

Foods Your Baby Should Not Eat When Hungry

Cold drinks

Cold drinks always excite babies, but they often irritate a baby’s stomach and intestines when it is empty. Regularly giving your baby cold drinks when hungry will cause abnormal enzyme reactions in the body and make them more susceptible to illness. Thus, cold drinks absolutely cannot be food for babies when they are hungry, mothers need to pay attention.

Foods Your Baby Should Not Eat When Hungry

Sweet potatoes

Normally sweet potatoes are very good for the baby’s digestion, but if the mother feeds the baby on an empty stomach, it will lead to stomach upset. Because the substances in sweet potatoes stimulate the stomach to secrete more stomach acids, causing a feeling of bloating, discomfort and heartburn, …

Foods Your Baby Should Not Eat When Hungry

Foods high in sugar

High-sugar foods like cakes and candies are children’s favorite snacks. However, candies contain high levels of sugar, eating a lot of fast food will make the body unable to secrete enough insulin to maintain normal blood sugar levels, which causes blood sugar to rise. good for health.

Foods Your Baby Should Not Eat When Hungry

In addition, eating candy before meals, when the baby’s stomach is empty will only make the baby feel uneasy, no longer feel like eating main meals and cannot absorb nutritious foods. That is why letting young children eat confectionery before meals can easily lead to anorexia and slow growth.


Foods Your Baby Should Not Eat When Hungry

Snacks are easy-to-digest foods that can spike insulin, and then drop dramatically. This type of junk food contains sugar, salt, and fat. If mothers regularly feed their babies when they are hungry, they will cause the baby to have full stomach, loss of appetite, burden the kidneys, the risk of malnutrition in the form of obesity and disease diabetes.