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Cross-Cultural Friendship Building: Toddler Day Camp

  • Toddler Camp St. Francis, Wisconsin (map)

According to the U.N., there are currently over 22 million refugees around the world and, of those, half are children. 13,671 refugees resettled in Wisconsin between 2002 and 2016.

Toddlers and Kids on a Mission would like to take some steps towards welcoming the youngest of this population in a loving, kid-friendly environment. We invite you and your toddlers to Toddler Day Camp! Our hope is for this to be the first of many other opportunities to build relationships and break through cultural barriers.

The Toddler Day Camp will consist of our Toddlers and Kids on a Mission toddlers and the younger siblings of the school-aged kids run by Leslie Osborne. Leslie is a child-development professional who recently retired as the Children's Ministry director at Eastbrook church. She now works with refugees through Eastbrook Church, the English Learning Center, and oversees Oholiab's Offering Art Gallery.  

PURPOSE:  All children will have a chance to experience educational fun and friendship making while interacting across cultures. 

IMPACT: Through a fun exchange, children will learn that they are capable of breaking through cultural and language barriers.

ACTIVITIES: You and your child will gather with new friends to share a story, play games, sing songs, and create art. 

WHEN: Toddler Camp will be on Thursday, July 19th 1:30-3:30pm. 

WHERE:  St. Francis, WI. Once you register, we will email you the specific address.

PARTICIPANT CAP: 10 children (we will be joined there by our soon to be friends)

AGES: 2-5 year olds will get the most out of this but please feel free to wear your infant or bring your older child. Older siblings are welcome to join in on the school aged camp, please contact Hilary if you’d like to know more.   

COST: Free 


QUESTIONS:  Debby and Hilary are this event’s Project Managers. Please email them if you need anything. They will be in contact with you to confirm your registration and give you periodic updates if necessary. Debby ( Hilary (

MORE INFORMATION: How to Teach Children about Cultural Awareness and Diversity