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Face to Face with Safe and Sound *WAITLIST ONLY*

In late summer, Jean attended an event called "Face to Face" hosted by a Milwaukee organization called Safe and Sound, Inc. The attendees were 50% adults from the suburbs and 50% adults from central Milwaukee, specifically the Harambee neighborhood. In a discussion facilitated by Daniela and Damien, two Safe and Sound leaders, we focused on the history of racism, stereotypes, and segregation in Milwaukee with participants discussing their personal experiences. At the end of the meaningful event, Jean asked the leaders if they ever considered tailoring it down to a younger level. Originally a program designed for high school students, over several meetings and emails they've created a "Face to Face" for 8 to 10 year olds. On January 19, 12 students and their parents will gather for this first time event. 

More about Safe and Sound, Inc.: They use an integrated team approach consisting of a community organizer, a community prosecution unit organizer, and a youth organizer to build neighborhood safety plans, block watch development, youth/police dialogue sessions, youth-led community improvement projects, and so on to create safer and more empowered neighborhoods. They have been supported by funding from places like the Milwaukee Bucks Foundation and Potawatomi Casino. 

PURPOSE: Bring elementary students together to talk about an important topic everywhere and Milwaukee, especially- race and stereotypes.

IMPACT: Children who do not normally have a chance to interact will come together to learn about each other and themselves.


  • Welcome and registration (everyone will receive their shirts)
  • Children and parents will engage in a quick ice breaker by tossing a beach ball to answer common questions ("What is your favorite subject in school?") 
  • Phase 1: The term "race" will be defined and children will be asked what they know and/or have experienced about race
  • Phase 2: Quick, age appropriate presentation about the history of race in Milwaukee
  • SNACK!!!
  • Phase 3: While finishing snack, kids will engage in a collaborative lesson meant to foster teamwork and awareness of our similarities and differences (they will make a paper pizza in a group)
  • Phase 3: Healing, Reflection, and Closing

WHEN & WHERE: 4:45-6:00pm Friday,  JANUARY 19


CANCELLATIONS: Please contact Jean ( as soon as possible because this is an activity designed around a precise number of participants.


AGE: Ages 8-10 are welcome (if you have an older 7 year old or an 11 year old they are welcome)

COST: Free!


We unite. We build. Safe and Sound. 

Unwanted Label: How Did Milwaukee Become Known as America's Most Segregated City?

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