Aimee Welsh, Board Member

Aimee is an Advisory Board member and lives in the Milwaukee area with her husband and two young boys. In addition to being a busy mother and wife, she is also a Cardiologist with Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin providing care to patients in Milwaukee and Washington Counties. Her areas of expertise include advanced cardiac imaging and preventive cardiology. She is thrilled to be involved with TOAM and looks forward to organizing health related missions emphasizing the importance of healthy lifestyle choices for our children and community members.

Angela Martello Stowe

Angela (Angie) She has recently returned to the Milwaukee area with her family.  A geologist, she spends her time as a mom to her 3 year old daughter and an environmental consultant.  She is so excited to help our kids and the community reconnect with the natural environment.

Lynn Raines, Founder and Managing Director

Lynn Raines is a founder and the Managing Director of TOAM. She served as an educator for children and adults through her work as a teacher and administrator in elementary education for eighteen years. Currently, she is an educator of two-Mia Grace (4 years) and Annie James Shiloh (1 year old). TOAM is a "dream come true"- giving back to the metro Milwaukee community side-by-side with her daughters, friends, and new connections.

Jobea Murray, Communications Director

Jobea joins our board as Communications Director. Jobea and her family recently returned to her home state of Wisconsin. Currently a stay-at-home mom of 3, she is starting a small-business consulting firm. TOAM has provided a mom tribe in her new city, and an opportunity to meet like minded families with a strong sense of community. Previously Jobea worked in retail and event management. Her work and personal interests have sent her travelling around the world. She is a pastry school graduate and continues to make cakes 

Andrea Kallay, Secretary

Andrea is TOAM's secretary. Andrea is a stay at home mom to four daughters (Alison - 11, Natalie- 6, Julia- 2 and Anna - 8 months). In her free time, Andrea enjoys cooking and baking, reading, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends. Andrea previously worked in the mortgage insurance and mortgage banking industries.

Jean Heffernan, Co-Director and Co-Founder

Jean is TOAM's co-director and co-founder. She holds degrees in art, elementary education, and reading instruction. Her children (ages 7 and 4) and Milwaukee were her inspiration for creating TOAM with her friend Lynn. She is a proud native of Joliet, Illinois and treasures her hometown and family for teaching her the importance of community engagement and service.  

Kristen Grill, Board Member

Kristen is an Advisory Board member. She is a grant writer and consultant with nine years of experience helping nonprofit agencies communicate their value to the community. She is grateful for TOAM for helping her find ways to volunteer and serve the Milwaukee community with her children, two boys age 6 and 4. She also serves as a committee member of Cre8MKE, a citywide collaborative working together to ensure that Milwaukee children have equitable access to high quality arts programs.

Nicole Buerosse, Artistic Director

Nicole serves as our Artistic Director and is overjoyed to be part of TOAM. She holds a BFA and for the past 9 years has created and taught art in public schools and privately through her business, Carrissima Designs. Nicole is passionate about art and fostering creativity in children. She resides in the Milwaukee area with her husband and three children, ages 11, 6, and 2. 

Deb Berenz, Weekend Events Director

Deb serves as our Weekend Events Director. She grew up in Milwaukee and now lives on the west side with her husband, two stepsons (10 & 13), and daughter (3). She stays busy spending time with her adventurous family, working as an occupational therapist and managing several therapy clinics. She is excited to be part of TOAM which allows her the privilege to love and serve others within our community alongside her family.