Birthday Party in a Bag for Meta House

If your children are like mine, birthdays are on their minds 365 days per year. One day my daughter Mia wants a science project themed party, and the next day she thinks a rainbow unicorn party is a better idea. She also enjoys planning a birthday celebration for her almost-two year-old sister. 

Birthdays are important milestones for children and their families. We recognize the growth and maturity the year has brought, and we cherish the memories made. We celebrate one another together.

For this event, families from Gigi’s Playhouse Milwaukee and Toddlers and Kids on a Mission came together for a community birthday party. Together, we baked over 50 cupcakes, filled 24 treat bags, decorated birthday cards and collected many party decorations including hats, banners, candles and balloons. 

With the assistance of the Birthday Party Club led by Jaime Wooten, we will provide Meta House with a Birthday Party in a Bag. Meta House provides support to women to overcome addiction to drugs and alcohol, and they offer a setting where children can remain with their mothers during treatment. Today’s mission provides Meta House with the goodies needed to make birthdays extra special for the children.

Thank you to all of our families who joined us today! Happy early birthday to our friends at Meta House!

-Lynn Raines

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Toddlers and Kids on a Mission