A Fun Run To Help Interchange Food Pantry

This weekend, TOAM families participated in a fun run hosted by InStep  in the Third Ward. The proceeds from the fun run benefited the Interchange Food Pantry. As I drove my children down to the event, I explained why we were participating:

"We want to help a food pantry feed people who have a hard time buying food."

"We're going to have fun with our friends."

I didn't tell them that they would be warmly welcomed and cheered on by a group of adults who had just met them. Nor did I mention that they would inadvertently be entered into a second race for Feeding America (we were slightly slower than your average 5K participant and this second race started as we made our way along the lakefront). I neglected to mention that they would get to high five a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, roll down grass hills, and feed the ducks swimming in Lake Michigan. Because I did not expect any of that!

But that unknown is absolutely part of the beauty of being part of the TOAM family.

As we roll into our one year anniversary next month, I have become more reflective on our experiences with TOAM and it's the element of surprise that stands out strongly to me as I look back.

I truly cannot wait to see what happy surprises lie in wait for us in the upcoming year.


Co-founder and Co-director